Check out the awesome music acts that are headed our way!

May Music Coming Soon!

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Whats going on at the Grill these days?

Every Thursday Night

Open Mic Night Hosted by Chris Howdyshell. The show starts at 8:30 pm. We put two mics on a stage and let anybody say or do whatever they want. Its freedom of speech and a talent show all wrapped up in a burrito of fun. Musicians, jugglers, poets, mimes, comedians, really ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY is welcome!

Every Friday Night

The best local, regional, or national acts we can find play here. All shows start at 8pm and a donation bucket will be passed around for the musicians. Interested in booking a show with us … check here

What kind of music will I see if I come to the grill?

We pride ourselves on our ability to keep it interesting.
At Open Mic night its such a mixed bag, you never know what your going get.
Most Friday nights the Grill hosts Americana, folk, or bluegrass acts. Our small stage has been known to also host louder rock, funk, or punk shows. Most importantly we promise it’ll be interesting and likely loads of fun!

Sounds great! How much is this going to cost me?

Not much, Thursday nights are FREE! Friday nights we pass around a bucket with a suggested donation. Most acts spend lots of hours practicing and preparing for the show they’re putting on for you. We know you’ll do the right thing by compensating them fairly.